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(Jeff, Mark, Sophia, Michael, Birgit, Galina, Mike, Anant, Michelle, Liz; Paul, Greg, Sid)


(Sara, Anant, Sid, Patrick, Greg, Mike, Jeff, Young Joo, Vicky, Sam)


(Sam, Young Joo, Pat Coles, Marie, Pat McGrath, Anant, Vasiliki, Perry, Jeff)

Grad Students

Anant Paravastu
(PhD 3/04) Anant is doing a Post Doc at the NIH in Bethesda, MD
Siddharth Patil
(PhD 8/02)
Cell: (510) 682 - 5485
Sid now works in the financial district in San Francisco, CA
Greg Roberts
(PhD 5/02)
Wk: (925) 294 - 2351
Greg works at the Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA
Michael C. Tucker
(PhD 6/01) Mike went to Sweden for a postdoc and now works at LBNL on SOFC's
Mark McCormick
(PhD 12/00) Mark went to Germany for a postdoc and now works at 3M in Minneapolis.
Elizabeth Juang
(PhD 12/00) Elizabeth lives in New Jersey and works for McKinsey.
Michael Ru
(PhD 12/00) Michael is a manager at Intel in Santa Clara doing lithography.
Benjamin M. Rush
(PhD 5/99)
Hm: (510) 339 - 6452
Wk: (510) 239 - 2719
Ben works for Therasense in Alameda, CA
Christopher M. Miller
(MS 5/99) Chris lives and works in Brisbane, Australia
Lisa Lobree
(PhD 10/98) Lisa worked at BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany and has recently relocated to Philadelphia.
Michael Gentzler
(PhD 12/98) Mike is a senior research scientist at Merck in Philadelphia, PA
Adam Aylor
(PhD 6/97) Adam works for Exxon in Houston, TX
Chris Lee
(MS 12/96)
  Chris works for Intel in Arizona
Kurt Scheinpflug
(MS 7/96) Kurt works for Guidant Corp. in Santa Clara, CA
Mark Yahnke
(MS 12/96) Mark works for Federal Express in San Francisco.
Claudia Ocampo
(PhD 5/95)
  Claudia is presently living in Walnut Creek, CA
Stuart Adler
(PhD 6/93) Stuart is an assistant professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington
Nick Kenaston
(MS 4/93)
  Nick is an engineer with Chevron, Inc, of Richmond CA
Steven L. Russek
(PhD 1/93) Steve is Director of Technology for Astronautics Corporation Of America, where he Ieads the efforts to develop and commercialize magnetic refrigeration technology.
Phillip Armstrong
(PhD 9/92)
  Phil is a research engineer at Air Products in Allentown, PA
Veronica Lim Fernandez
(PhD 5/92)
  Veronica lives in Charlottesville, VA, and teaches part-time at UVa
Janet Griffiths
(PhD 4/92)
  Janet is the Director of Technical Services at Genzyme Corporation in Cambridge, MA
Milo Koretsky
(PhD 11/91) Milo is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University.
Janet Griffiths
(PhD 4/92)
  Janet is the Director of Technical Services at Genzyme Corporation in Cambridge, MA
Marjorie Simpson Went
  Marjorie is presently living in New Haven, CT
Karl Amundson
(PhD 6/89) Karl is working for E Ink Corporation in Cambridge, MA
Karen Bustillo
(Carr, MS 5/89)
  Karen lives in Castro Valley, CA
Julia Noel Zielinski
(Memering, MS 6/88)
  Julia is a product manager with Air Products in PA
Grant Wesley Haddix (PhD 5/88)   Grant is a research engineer with Shell Development Company, Houston, TX
Philip Walter Morrison, Jr
(PhD 11/87)
  Phil was a popular and productive Professor in Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. He succumbed to cancer in 2002.
Mark Petrich   Mark is a research engineer at Merck Manufacturing Division, NJ
Karen K. Gleason
(PhD 5/87) Karen is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
Michael McCarthy
(PhD, 10/86)
  Mike is a Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of California at Davis, CA

Postdocs and Visitors

Young Joo Lee
(Postdoc 01-03)
  Young Joo is now working in Korea
Sophia E. Hayes
(Postdoc 98-00) Sophia is an assistant professor of chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis
Birgit Schweickart
(Miller Fellow 00-02) Birgit lives in San Jose, CA.
Galina Pavlovskaya
(Postdoc 98-99) Galina is working in the chemistry department at Colorado State
Heiko G. Niessen
(Visitor 98-99) Heiko does biomedical imaging and spectroscopy at the University of Magdeburg.
Becky Gee
(Postdoc 96-98) Becky is an assistant professor of chemistry at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY
Mathias Haake
(Postdoc 96-98) Mathias is a research chemist at BASF-AG in Ludwigshafen, Germany
Yi-Qiao Song
(Postdoc 95-97) Yi-Qiao is working at Schlumberger-Doll Research in Ridgefield, CT
Sanlin Hu
(Postdoc 95-97) Sanlin is working at Dow Corning Corp. in Midland, MI
Lola De Lima
(Postdoc 95)
  Lola is a catalyst researcher at Intevep, Venezuela
Sarah Larsen
(Postdoc 93-95) Sarah is an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Iowa
Carri Lyda
(Postdoc 95-96) Carri working at a weapons incinerator in the Pacific
Joachim Krueger
(Postdoc 93-95) Joachim is a staff scientist at LBNL, CA
Pei Tang
(Postdoc 91-93) Pei is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, PT


Perry Cheung
(Undergrad 01-03) Perry is currently a gradute student at Washington University.


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