Reimer Group Meetings - Fall 2022

Wednesday 9:30 - 11:00 AM

775B Tan Hall

Date                        Topic                                                     Speaker  

Aug 31                       no meeting                             

Oct 5                       -NMR insights into chemical           Sophia Fricke

                                    upcycling of polymers                                   

                                 -Hyperpolarization via                        Julia Im

                                      SABRE (summer internship)             

Oct 12                     CC in MOFs                                          Hao Zhuang

Oct 19                     CC in amine resins                               Ah-Young Song

Oct 26                     eNMR update                                      Karim Karouta

Nov 2                     Extensions of e-NMR                          David Halat            

                                 Pentacene MOF                                    Julianne Oshiro        

Nov 9                     CC for DAC                                           Haiyan Mao

                                 MOFs for CO2 capture                      Tamires Menezes

Nov 16                    tbd

Nov 23                    Thanksgiving holiday          

Nov 30                    Undergrad presentations                   All undergrads        

Dec 7                       OP-DNP                                                David Marchiori 

                                  bismuth MOFs                                     Yang Wang 

Dec 14                     carbon capture in biomaterials         Jing Tang