Jeffrey A. Reimer

Postdoc IBM Yorktown Heights, NY

PhD Caltech


Hobbies: anything with two wheels, hiking, reading

Recent Books: Two really great SciFi novels: Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora and Ned Stephenson’s Seven Eves. They should be read back-to-back as they both deal with our future, and both enjoy strong female lead characters. Elena Ferrante’s trilogy of two Italian women’s lives are both engaging and disturbing. In the non-fiction camp I loved Andrea Wulf’s biography of Alexander von Humboldt, Invention of Nature. A shame that the works of this extraordinary German scientist and natural philosopher have been dismissed as part of our expulsion of all things German post WW1 and WW2.

April, 2016.

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Jeffrey A. Reimer

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“Cowardice is a lifestyle of stagnation; courage is a lifestyle of

unconditional commitment to an imperfect world. “